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Programme Day 1

  • ·     The growing risks and costs of cybercrime to businesses
  • ·     The importance of cyber skills and strategies
  • ·     The threats to businesses and how to overcome them
  • ·     The latest tools and technologies to fight cyber-attacks

The idea that someone might be secretly lurking in your account and spying on you is bad enough, let alone the security and compliance implications. Unfortunately, that’s what happens with Account Takeover – an increasingly common attack Juniper Research estimate will cost organisations $25bn worldwide in 2020.  In this presentation from Censornet CTO Richard Walters, he will cross-examine the Account Takeover attack, the risk it presents, and the action you can take to stop criminals from getting a foothold into your organisation.

Now that the “New Normal” has become the “Now Normal”, organizations should re-examine how they are supporting their remote workforce and whether or not the technology choices that they made more than 6 months ago are still appropriate for today and the foreseeable future.  We will look at the specific impact and potential benefits resulting from a convergence of Networking and Security technologies into a single offering.

Security has played a positive role in enabling business over the recent months. This has been demonstrated by allowing remote workforces to remain productive and the hard work of security teams to keep operations running. However all this is putting a strain on the internal resources trying to protect their critical business assets from both external attackers and insider threats.  Join Chris Hartley, Director at Rapid7 UK & Ireland, and Warwick Webb, Security Practitioner, as they discuss the top 5 reasons why some organisations are looking to augment or outsource their threat detection and response operations including:  · Talent shortage in cybersecurity and why specialisation is key · Business continuity and the impact of ‘always on’ · Threat intelligence and global visibility of the threat landscape · Role of threat hunters in incident response  We’ll also be joined by customer, Simon Parry from the Development Bank of Wales to reveal how they are using managed services in their own environment and which elements of managed detection and response are most important the success of their security program.

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It’s critical for organisations to know how to evaluate a security intelligence provider, and ultimately choose one that will effectively reduce alert fatigue, improve decision making across the business, and deliver unique insights on a broad range of threats. But what are the capabilities you should be looking for in a provider to best enable your business to benefit? In this presentation, Jason Steer, Director of EMEA Presales at Recorded Future, explains that threat intelligence as it is traditionally thought of — feeds of information lacking context — is simply not enough. Instead, Jason demonstrates how security intelligence tailored to your teams, workflows, and existing security investments empowers organisations to reduce risk faster, without any of the noise.

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The “right” threat intelligence helps enterprises understand their attackers, their motives, and how best to defend against evolving attacker TTPs. Threat intelligence isn’t supposed to be one-size-fits-all. 

Email continues to be the primary attack method used by cyber criminals, delivering malware and stealing credentials to compromise organisations. Companies invest heavily in SEG technology, yet still these attacks reach users inboxes daily. With Time-to-Click measured in seconds, the risk of a compromise is always looming, and security teams must act FAST.   Join our session to understand how Cofense’s intelligent, automated phishing defence solutions can help you speed your response to phishing threats that SEGs miss, protecting your organisation from costly breaches.

The world is continuously evolving, and everything is becoming connected. We live in the era of digital transformation. In addition to end-point computers and networks, we now have our mobile devices and the cloud computing as part of our daily connected lives. While having everything connected  makes our lives easier, it also makes rise to additional threats. Attacks affect our digital and non-digital life. Moving assets and data beyond the perimeter is creating additional risk surface for more advanced threats. The change is happening now. With the drastic shift to working from home, we face a reality where our living room is now part of the company’s perimeter. Every company now needs to rely more on each and every one of its employees to guard its data and critical network credentials. Here at Checkpoint we believe that with Beyond the Perimeter suite of technology,  covering all attack surfaces of the digital workplace, we are able to best address the main challenges associated with the current change and provide organisations with assurance that their corporate data, applications and their users are safe.

We love reading about the most advanced attacks and techniques threat actors use – 0day vulnerabilities, advanced malware and more. However, the overwhelming majority of the breaches we read about are a result of a simple phishing attack, social engineering and/or human error. In this session we will deep dive into how cybercriminals have perfected the art of phishing and social engineering, the services and tools they sell on underground forums and how we can operantionlize threat intelligence to discover these before the knock at our door.

Today’s enterprise is truly borderless. The network perimeter is dissolving with digital transformations like SD-WAN, IoT, and hybrid cloud, complicating traditional security approaches. Securing evolving IT architectures is becoming one more challenge that short-staffed security teams are facing today. What’s needed is a foundational approach that is simple yet pervasive, cost-effective yet powerful and boosts the efficiency of security operations through automation. Attending this event gives you exclusive access to security experts who will explain how to: • Unleash the full power of your security stack • Improve incident response times through extensive integrations • Extend protection to support your digital transformations

You can’t do business without technology, and you can’t use technology without identity security. With SailPoint organisations can protect its business and help manage risk from the explosion of technology access in the cloud enterprise.  With the dynamic changes in the workforce organisations need a platform that can provision access with confidence, protect business assets at scale, and ensure compliance with certainty. 

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Programme Day 2

Prevention of malware attacks isn’t always possible, but mitigating the threat certainly is. And if your latest backup is from last night, last week, or, even last month, the questions become, “How much data can we stand to lose?” and, “What’s this going to cost the business?”. Hear how Zerto’s Platform with continuous data protection allows you to recover corrupt applications and data within minutes of when the infection struck.

Organisations used to know exactly what assets they were using within their enterprise. The assets and data were visible and as such policy could be enforced fairly easily, but the cloud has removed many restrictions and made it more flexible to run applications and services. These SaaS, IaaS and PaaS services can be easily and quickly deployed by anyone within the organisation in a matter of clicks. It’s this simplicity and availability that poses new security challenges for your enterprise data.   If you want to easily audit and secure your existing cloud environment, discover unsanctioned services or are looking to move to the cloud and want to reduce the complexity and risk of securing your IaaS, PaaS and SaaS environments, then this is the talk for you! 

COVID has radically changed the way we live, work and do business. With this pandemic and new-normal, cyberattacks have also become even more effective against businesses. What are the facts and what actions should you take to ensure that you properly protect your employees and customer data during these times? How is the Dark Web changing?  

Public cloud providers like AWS, Azure, and GCP enable you to deliver new products and capabilities at breakneck speeds, but how do you balance speed to market against compliance mandates and risk – do you have to choose?  Join Patrick Pushor, Technical Evangelist at Orca Security, for a fast-paced session as he takes you through best practices, and pitfalls to avoid in securing public cloud infrastructure. 6 risks hiding inside every public cloud estate How to get instant-on, workload-level visibility across 100% of your AWS, Azure, and GCP assets The power of addressing both the control plane and data plane at once Pros and cons of different cloud security tools: traditional agent-based tools and scanners, CWPP (cloud workload protection platforms), and CSPM (cloud security posture management)

Most cybersecurity protections are based on looking for threats. The problem is, malware is evolving at an alarming rate and threat detection solutions, antivirus, and EDR can no longer keep up. ThreatLocker CEO, Danny Jenkins will explain how he’s changing the entire approach and paradigm to cybersecurity with a clean and comprehensive approach to ensuring ransomware does not end up on your networks. 

Internet Isolation extends the idea of Zero Trust by assuming that all web traffic should not be inherently trusted. Using remote browsers, Internet Isolation protects end-users against phishing and malware attacks across the entire digital workforce. The benefits of isolation increase at scale. Workforces with a higher proportion of isolated devices reduce the attack surface available to bad actors for compromise via web and email. Forward-leaning security professionals should consider Internet Isolation vital to achieving the goals of Zero Trust.

In this presentation we will show a live attack and demonstrate how the various components of the Fidelis Elevate XDR Platform recognised the attack, can be configured to prevent, enable rich investigation, with the framework and tools for the SOC team to respond.  The demo will show the value of Network, Endpoint and Deception solutions working together to reduce dwell time and enable real response to advance threats.

“The 3 keys for incident response are risk reduction, crisis preparation, and communication. Listen as Cloudflare CSO Joe Sullivan shares his thoughts on how security leaders can implement incident response in their organizations.”

Accommodating the sudden and massive increase in remote work environments raises major cybersecurity and logistics challenges, for every sized-business in every industry. Even organizations that have an existing remote work infrastructure will need to scale it and protect it more than ever – and quickly.

For over three years, Darktrace experts investigated whether they could teach AI to think like a cybersecurity analyst. It takes subtle, nuanced skills and implicit knowledge for an analyst to detect genuinely threatening activity, and this challenge took analyzing over one hundred of the world’s top threat analysts and complex machine learning algorithms. During this presentation, Darktrace’s Director of Threat Hunting, Mike Beck, will outline the capabilities this world-first technology, the Cyber AI Analyst, and discuss how automated investigation and triage is helping to uplift and augment human teams across the globe. He will also demonstrate how an APT using a zero-day was caught weeks before public attribution using cyber AI analyst technology.

What will we learn?

Edward Snowden is an American whistle-blower who copied & leaked highly classified information from the National Security Agency in 2013, when he was a Central Intelligence Agency employee & subcontractor.

His disclosures revealed numerous global surveillance programs, many run by the NSA & the ‘Five Eyes Intelligence Alliance’ with the co-operation of telecommunication companies & European Govts., & prompted a cultural discussion about national security & individual privacy.

As an investigative journalist covering tech, Geoff White’s exclusives have covered everything from fraud in the internet dating industry to the shadowy world of Russian cyber-crime gangs. His work, mainly for BBC News, Forbes online, Audible & C4 News, focuses on tech security, personal data, privacy & e-crime. His reports aim to create real-world change, & have been followed by arrests, regulatory investigations & legislative action.

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