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The COVID-19 crisis is opening up multiple opportunities for cyber-criminals to attack. The figures show cyber-criminals are already jumping on opportunities to exploit employees working remotely during coronavirus, and the number of cyber-attacks will increase, according to Europol.

So how are cyber-criminals profiting from the pandemic? Many hackers seem to be using a simple medium: Email phishing campaigns designed to steal employees’ credentials and compromise business systems. This session will cover:

  • The rise of cyber-attacks and scams during COVID-19
  • Why email phishing is a popular avenue for attack
  • Social engineering: How information about users helps hackers launch targeted attacks
  • Examples of COVID-19 phishing attacks and scams
  • How big-name companies such as Zoom are being used by hackers in phishing campaigns
  • How to fix the problem: Employee education and how to spot a fraudulent email

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During COVID-19, workforces across the world are suddenly working from home. This adds huge security risks as employees use insecure practices and devices to connect to business systems. This session will outline:

  • The working from home risk broken down: What’s the problem and why?
  • Zoom and other video conferencing platforms: Are they a risk?
  • Are VPNs a useful tool?
  • How to train employees to change their poor working habits
  • Technology to help employees be more secure when working remotely

Internet of Things (IoT) security has been in the news for years. Insecure devices are often built without security, opening them up to multiple risks as they are placed in people’s homes. This talk will cover:

  • The IoT problem and why it’s not getting better
  • The UK government’s secure by design programme and other initiatives
  • Industrial IoT v consumer IoT: The key security differences
  • 5G security and IoT

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Ransomware attacks continue to surge, hitting government organisations and US cities with increasingly frequency. This threat is growing even further during COVID-19: Interpol’s Cybercrime Threat Response has detected a “significant increase” in the number of attempted ransomware attacks against key organisations around the world.

This session will cover:

  • The ransomware threat: Why are attacks growing?
  • Who is vulnerable to ransom attacks and why?
  • What to do: What do you do if you are hit by ransomware?
  • Paying the ransom: Is there ever a reason to pay attackers?
  • Practical steps to help prevent being hit by ransomware

Please take time to visit our sponsors, and interact live with speakers and staff members within their booth.

Healthcare organisations could not be more crucial during the COVID-19 crisis as pressure builds on hospitals. But shockingly, hackers are looking to take advantage of weaknesses in healthcare systems despite the very real-life risk this poses.

This session will reveal:

  • How cyber-attacks are targeting hospitals during COVID-19
  • Why hospital systems are vulnerable
  • How to secure hospitals during COVID-19
  • Initiatives set up to respond to healthcare cyber security threats

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