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Programme Day 1

Please take time to visit our sponsors, and interact live with speakers and staff members within their booth.

Please take time to visit our sponsors and network in our lounge.

A charismatic and engaging keynote speaker, Alexis employs his knowledge of the dark and deceptive world of hustling, pickpockets and con-artists to speak candidly on the risks and security threats constantly faced by businesses, and to deliver important messages on the shrewdest ways to protect against the ever-increasing number of scams.

Organisations are in the midst of a strategic realignment of their information technology programs. This change is led by factors that were accelerated during the COVID-19 global pandemic including:

* Growing awareness of the large impact of malicious cyber events

* Rapid acceleration of public cloud and Software as a Service (SaaS) adoption

* Expanded implementation of microservices-based development models

* Embracing automation and consolidation to drive-down operational costs

* Increase in reliable high bandwidth commodity broadband

* Productivity benefits associated with work-from-home

Given the trends, we will show you how IT leaders are adopting transformation programs including:

* Automated intelligence-based threat prevention across network, cloud, endpoint, and mobile to prevent advanced attacks

* Cloud-first IT built on agile development

* Data center consolidation and modernization

* Edge-delivered security for users

Please take the time to visit our sponsors within the exhibition hall

Programme Day 2

At a time of heightened business risk, and in the face of an increasing tide of cybercriminals looking to cash in on the unusual circumstances, it is more important than ever to ensure you have the correct practices and security solutions in place to protect your organisation and users – no matter where they are.

In this session Richard Walters, Censornet CTO will be highlighting key industry standards, recommended architectures and controls to ensure your business can continue to operate effectively and securely with a remote working / hybrid model.

Richard will be joined by Giles Raeside, a Senior Sales Engineer at Censornet, to answer key audience questions around securing remote workers, with practical and actionable advice to help IT professionals tackle the issues and challenges they are facing

Join John for a live fireside chat with our Chair Col (Rtd) John Doody, where he’ll be answering questions live from our audience.

During his 40 years of Government service, John specialised in operational delivery and strategic business change. For his work in creating effective partnerships in the run up to the London Olympics, he was made a Commander of the British Empire (CBE) in 2012. John helped to establish the NCSC and led the response to nearly 800 significant cyber incidents. This work has given him unrivalled experience in
dealing with and understanding the causes of cyber incidents.

As a non-executive director at NHS Digital, John chairs the Information Assurance and Cyber Security Committee. He holds a number of advisory and non-executive director roles. He is also a senior cyber advisor at McKinsey, advising Company Boards and speaking at major industry events.

Please take the time to visit the sponsor booths within the exhibition hall

This talk will cover Zoe’s personal experience in her journey into the security industry, and what a day in the life of a Cyber Security Analyst looks like. She will discuss her career to date, including the transferable skills she gained along the way. The aim of this session is to inspire the next generation of cyber security leaders into the field and to demystify the day-to-day skills required to fulfil this position. Key takeaways of this session will include what skills are required to enter the security industry, both technical and non-technical, and how they play a key part in success.

Zoe Mackenzie is a Board Member at WiCyS UK and an Information Security Specialist.  She delivers in-house technical expertise and specialises in governance, risk and compliance (GRC), cloud security and training and awareness. With an undergraduate degree in Mathematics, Zoe is proof that many of the best cybersecurity professionals bring non-technical backgrounds when joining the industry.



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