Global Emergency 2020…Cyber News Group fights back…..

This is the next generation of conference networking. At Cyber News Group, we have built our stellar reputation on our unique conference experiences for the cybersecurity space. For over  , we have had the honour of hosting premium events for leading figures in the public and private sector leaders, providing industry insights, networking opportunities, and sponsor showcases. We wanted to use our extensive database to bring people together – to bring some light to the situation. As we do not know how long the COVID-19 crisis will last, we are pivoting our services to keep adding value under unprecedented circumstances.

Supporting our users

This site is a platform to provide everything you need to stay abreast of developments in the cybersecurity industry. More people than ever are currently working from home, so we have made this an all-encompassing resource to keep our users in the know. Here you will find the latest insights and articles to intrigue your curious mind as well as a monthly eMagazine filled with relevant content.

As well as a news portal, our community area is there to bring some normality into your working day. From book recommendations and recipes to workout videos created in partnership with a local CrossFit club, we want to bring our community closer together and encourage positivity and support. We will be hosting a number of interactive ‘get togethers’, such as a live quiz, bingo and many other ways to put the ‘fun’ back into a functional daily life.  

Embracing the virtual space

While our in-person events won’t be until later this year, we are looking for alternative ways to come together, share insights, and network with one another. For years, we have been aware of technology’s ability to bridge the gaps in our communication and interaction. Now, we are fully embracing all it has to offer to the world of conferencing. We proudly maintain the largest subscriber base in Europe/the UK , meaning we can attract varied audiences and secure insights from the best speakers across the industry.

Thanks to our wonderful and hardworking team, we will continue to bring people together to learn, share, and enjoy everything the industry has to offer. We hope you will be there to join us.

Cyber News Group Team are Amazing

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